4 Must-Have Ford Ranger Accessories

Customers of both new and pre-owned Ford Ranger models can choose from a wide range of modifications, including front bars, grille modification kits, and accessories for the cargo area as well as overall aesthetics.

Hardtop Canopy

Pickup truck owners have depended on the renowned Truckman hardtop line since 1982 to improve the appearance of their vehicle and maximise the amount of load carrying capacity of the truck bed. Truckman hardtops are perfect for families, business, utility companies, and more.

They range from color-coded luxury alternatives with cab-high designs that are compatible with the vehicle’s appearance to industrial canopies that turn the pick-up into a worker.Top automakers including Isuzu, Toyota Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Mercedes have given Truckman its OEM approval, thanks to features like tinted pop-out or slide windows, smart central locking, and precise colour coding. You can’t go wrong with our ford ranger accessories.

Roller Shutters / Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers, which come in a variety of styles from roller shutters to gas-assisted pop-up lids, are great for preserving the traditional appearance of pick-up trucks. Tonneau covers offer customers peace of mind by hiding the load truck area to aid in protecting expensive cargo from weather in addition to thieves. They are placed onto the pick-up truck’s guardrails with a minimal profile design.

Load bed coverings are offered in a number of materials to meet specific demands, whether it is for protecting the regular food shopping or safeguarding equipment and tools. These materials range from durable ABS plastic to ultra-robust aluminium. Many Ford Ranger tonneau cover models have part-shut intervals that let you secure and store large objects like bikes or construction supplies.

Luggage Bed Liners

Maintaining the load bed’s surface will assist you keep your Ford Ranger’s resale value high, or it will provide you piece of mind if the pickup is leased. Truck beds are prone to dents, scrapes, and scrapes because goods can slide in, out, and around them.

Installing a bed liner made specifically for your vehicle gives you piece of mind and allows you to make the most of the cargo area without worrying about compromising the quality of the paintwork or metalwork.

Many bed liners come with useful features like a non-slip texture and slots designed specifically for your vehicle so you can access the tie down wires. Non-slip bed liners are perfect for transporting sensitive objects like artworks or pets without them slipping around uncomfortably.

Twin Storage System 

For the majority of Ford Ranger users, maintaining a pickup truck’s cargo bed clean, organised, and available is a hassle. A DECKED dual drawer system, a well-liked, game-changing pick-up truck modification, may maximise the truck bed with accessible, comfortable drawer storage while maintaining the full usage of the truck bed area.

DECKED provides you with organised, adaptable storage space that is perfect for tools, sporting goods, or shopping. It has full-length drawers that slide out at waist height. The sturdy system made of high-density polyethylene, which is available with a Ford Ranger-specific layout, mounts to standard truck bed tie offs for simple, no-drill installation.

Krista Russell
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