Tips for Planning a Strip Club Hens Party

It can be exciting to plan a hens party in a strip club. This will definitely be a night to remember but you have to carefully consider all parts of the evening to make sure everything goes smoothly.

You have to understand

The preferences of the bride and guests along with their comfort level. You can find going to a male strip club among the best hens party ideas. You have to check whether the bride is genuinely excited about the venue and entertainment. When you choose entertainment that everyone is comfortable with, they will all be able to have a good time. There will not be any awkwardness. You have to research strip clubs to get an idea of the ratings and reviews. Some of the factors to consider are their reputation, ambience, services offered and the quality of the performances. There will be VIP sections, private rooms and special hens party packages offered by some strip clubs. You will need to contact the club beforehand to ask about their offerings. By booking well in advance, you can make sure that your preferred date and time can be accommodated.

You will need to set a budget for the event.

Check how much each guest will be willing to contribute so that you can create a realistic budget. This budget has to cover all expenses of the evening that includes club entry fees, transportation, drinks, tips and additional services. You have to communicate this budget to everyone so that there are no misunderstandings later on. You have to plan transportation so that everyone is able to arrive at the location safely and on time. You can hire a party bus or a limo for this. Or for a budget friendly option, a rideshare service for the group can be considered. This way, nobody has to be worry about driving as transportation is already arranged. Everyone will be able to stay together and party the evening away when nobody has to be the designated driver. Think about the dress code for the strip club. There is generally a relaxed dress code in strip clubs but make sure to check this beforehand. You can have a dress code or theme for the entourage so that there is a fun element in this along with many opportunities for creative photos.

Booking in advance is a good idea

Especially if you are having the event on the weekend. Strip clubs can get quite busy so you have to check whether there is a good spot for the group. You can book your table in the VIP area so that you can get some attention from the performers as well. In some clubs, you can find special packages for hens parties such as complimentary drinks, reserved seating etc. You can consider booking a private show so that the bride is able to have a more intimate performance. This can be a fun event to look forward to and you can make sure the bride has a memorable experience. You can discuss this option with the club beforehand so that all the arrangements can be put in place.

Krista Russell
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